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RanksNG is a blog centered on discovering and organizing Nigerian content. Therefore we mainly feature list articles such as top 10, top 20 & top 50 on the blog.

You can write a list article on any topic that relates to Nigeria you find interesting.

For example:

  • Top 5 places to eat amala in Lagos.
  • 5 Places you should consider for your honeymoon in Nigeria.
  • 7 Artists you should consider making your next brand ambassador.
  • 7 Top celebrity divorces in Nigeria.
  • 7 Reasons why you should buy online.

Content Criteria

For content to pass editorial review it must meet the following requirements:

Length: Ideally 1000 words+ (Flexible Criteria)

Purpose: The article must have a clear purpose; headline must clearly reflect what the article is about, the reader should know the purpose of the article under 5 seconds of reading.

Target Reader:  Who does the information in this article benefit and what is the key takeaway from the article.

Methodology: The author must establish a clear ranking metric to make the information credible. For example, if you’re writing on top 10 musicians, album sales, social media following, average YouTube views, awards could be used as a metric.

Language: The language of the article must be British English. Readability level is set at eight years old; easy to read by an 8-year-old. Hemmingway App can be useful for simplifying your article.

Fluff: A good article is like a car engine, every word must serve a purpose. If you are confused on how to identify fluff in your article; anything that does not make the article unreadable when removed is fluff.

Originality: Article must be free of plagiarized content.

The pitch should contain the structure of the article.

Your Pitch

Before writing an article, you should send a short pitch to the editor

Use this form: https://goo.gl/forms/pp6iQpbXFIL7Lqa23


C LEVEL Writer: N2/word.

B LEVEL Writer: N3/word.

A LEVEL: N5/word.

Editors will award levels depending on the quality of the content or writer.

Once the article is approved, payment is deposited into your bank account on a stipulated day (Usually within 2-3 days, except stated otherwise).


  • Read the content policy
  • Submit your pitch
  • The editor will reply you: Accepted, Accepted With Alteration & Rejected
  • Submit content
  • The editor will review your content: Accepted, Accepted With Alteration & Rejected
  • The article becomes the sole property of Ranksng and its parent company.
  • Content will go live
  • You will receive a content payable slip
  • You will be paid on a stipulated day

Best regards,

Editor, Ranksng.com