Top 10 Nigerian Music Blogs

Today we look at the Top Nigerian Music blogs; this list considers Alexa rankings, social presence, quality of songs, users engagement, and personal observations.

Music blogging has peaked in Nigeria; there are over 50 active music blogs and websites in Nigeria, Google “Artist Song Title Mp3” you would see how many options are available.

Several years ago, it was a struggle to find Nigerian Music online. Worldfamousnaijablog was one of the first Nigerian music blogs, and shortly after, entered the blogosphere. Check out this song; it was posted as far back as April 2009: Apex – Ghost Lady ft. Durella.

Not long after, Notjustok rose above all to become the major source of top Nigerian Songs and music videos. Well, that came with a price, it became increasingly difficult for them to post or listen to all songs. Blame them all you want but it’s a free website, you don’t pay to become a member or a monthly fee.

Long story short, there are now countless other music blogs shedding the load off notjustok and giving upcoming acts a platform to promote their songs.

Top Nigerian Music Blogs:


Notjustok is the most visited Nigerian music blog and the top music blog in Nigeria.

Notjustok retains the most premieres and exclusivity of songs; they post songs, and other music blogs copy from them.

Regarding engagement, NotjustOk ranks higher than other Nigerian music websites, that is probably why it is the number one blog artists look to post their songs. The comment section is often filled with several unfiltered comments and feedback from listeners. Usually, these comments extend to social media and sometimes makes the song trend on twitter or the front page on

Over the year, Notjustok has added a regularly updated playlist, a user managed section, a TV and several other options to improve their users’ experience.


Tooxclusive is faster than notjustok & they rarely tag audio files, it is mobile friendly, and it is an exclusive music blog. Mobile users love because Tooxclusive seems more focused on getting the song to you than anything else. According to Alexa; it is the highest ranked dedicated music blog in Nigeria.


360nobs isn’t a dedicated music blog, but they hold the largest database of Nigerian songs, the run a good music chart that is regularly updated. Their Get Familiar feature provides a platform for many upcoming artists making Nigerian music around the world.

4. is one of the best music blogs in Nigeria. It is well-ranked by Alexa and it has been around for a while.

Although the recent wave of music blogs might have affected the popularity of the blog, it remains a wonderful entertainment blog with its famous bubbling under feature which gives upcoming acts the platform to put their music out there.

5. 9jabambam

Wonderful Music blog, and newer than all the other blogs on this list.

In a short period, 9jabambam has gathered an impressive collection of top Nigerian songs. consistently updates their users with the latest songs and all related music content.

It is one of the best music blogs in Nigeria.


Tayotv has been around for as long as notjustok, tooxclusive, jaguda and 360nobs.

TayoTv is home to a good collection of the best songs from Nigeria and it is one of the oldest music blogs in Nigeria.

7. has gone through several phases.

From a buzzing forum to a wonderful music portal and now a popular entertainment blog.

Naijaloaded remains a good place to find the latest Nigerian songs.

If you are searching for a place to download Nigerian music or keep up with new songs, these websites are the perfect place to start.

8. is owned by Ringier, a Swiss company. Ringier entered the African market in 2011, and since then it has grown its entertainment media properties such as into huge digital media juggernauts. is currently one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria, and its regularly updated music section catalogs many top Nigerian songs. music editors go beyond merely posting songs. They provide a narrative that provides details on the song and artist.


As the domain name suggests, is fully dedicated to Nigerian songs. This music blog features and catalogs the latest Nigerian songs. The blog has been around for long enough, and it has a massive social media following.


You might now find a better-designed music website than in Nigeria. is a true Nigerian music portal. The website features the latest songs, lyrics, artists profiles, music genres. is one of the best places to download Nigerian music online.

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