Top 4 Cancer Centres in Nigeria

For the treatment of cancer, there are cancer centres in Nigeria that can adequately care for the disease.

In recent times, there has been an outbreak of new diseases and a rise in the occurrence rate of already existing ones. This, in turn, has lead to a high mortality rate amongst the human population. One of such deadly diseases which has become ‘popular ‘ in the world today is Cancer. According to W.H.O, Cancer has become one of the deadliest and most occurring diseases in the world. 

Of course, this development is quite unfortunate, as it has left countless people in helpless situations across the world. More so, in some developing countries where access to standard medical care is often an unaffordable luxury. 

Time and again over the last few years, Nigerians have been flown out of the country to places like India, China, the U.S., etc. in search of medical attention against cancer. A testament to the growing rate of occurrence of the disease in the country. 

Medical care for Cancer has been known to be quite expensive, and the cost implications, amongst other things, are even worse for Nigerians. This is because they often have to travel outside the country to get the treatment, leading to additional transportation and logistics cost for them.

But perhaps, if they could access cancer care centres in the country, it a lot cheaper. In this article, we will provide information on the best cancer centres in Nigeria for you. 

Before we go on into our list, let’s have a little discussion about Cancer.

What is Cancer? 

Cancer is a disease in the human body that involves the growth and division of cells abnormally and uncontrollably, with an ability to enter the body tissue and destroy it. Often, Cancer can spread from one part of the human body to other regions, causing more damage as it spreads. 

Symptoms of Cancer 

Cancer patients may feel the signs and symptoms of cancer in different ways, depending on the part of their body being affected by the disease. However, here are some of the general symptoms that are linked to the disease:

  • Growth of Lump Under the Skin: This is one of the most common cancer symptoms. If you notice a sudden lump or a kind of thickening under your skin in any part of your body, you should consult your doctor immediately for an adequate check-up. 
  • Irregular Skin Changes and irritations: Cancer patients often begin to notice a worrisome change in their skin, especially in the affected body parts soon after getting the disease. Skin problems such as change of skin colour to yellow, red, or dark shades have been reported as the most popular of this symptom. More, you may begin to notice some stubborn skin sores that won’t heal, etc. 
  • Persistent Difficulty in Food Digestion and Body agitation After Eating: Cancer patients also begin to complain about difficulties noticed with their digestive system and a general feeling of discomfort noticed after every meal. When you notice something like this in your system, do not waste any time in going to your doctor for proper diagnosis and medical check-up. 
  • Sudden Weight Changes: sometimes, cancer patients also notice a sudden change in their body weight as one of the symptoms of the disease. This weight loss is often unintended and uncomfortable for the patient. For instance, a patient might begin to notice a sudden unexpected weight loss or weight gain as a symptom of the disease. Patients are also often embarrassed by this change in body weight, as it is unintended. 

Some other general symptoms of Cancer include fatigue, hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing, Persistent night fever, breathing difficulties, persistent cough, persistent strange bruises and bleeding, etc. If you notice any of these symptoms in your body system, please consult your doctor immediately for a proper diagnosis to be on the safer side against Cancer. 

Best Cancer Centers in Nigeria 

When diagnosed with Cancer, you will most likely need to see an Oncologist. Most oncologists in Nigeria work at Government hospitals and there aren’t many Oncologists in Nigeria. These Cancer centers can quickly get you up to speed with all the information you need on treating Cancer, and they always have a visiting oncologist. Here are the best cancer centres in Nigeria:

1. Lakeshore Cancer Center, Lagos

Address: No. 697 Amodu Tijani Close, Off SanusiFafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Lakeshore Cancer Center is Cancer dedicated centre located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The centre is believed to be the first fully operational facility in the country that is solely devoted to activities centred on the prevention and treatment of the deadly disease in Nigeria. 

The centre specializes in services such as cancer treatment, cancer screening, diagnostic services, etc. and they offer a support group for cancer patients. 

Being the first fully operational Cancer dedicated centre in Nigeria, Lakeshore has an impressive success rate with several positive testimonials on its website. 

The centre works in affiliation with Roswell Park Cancer Institute, a renowned cancer specialist centre in New York. 

2. Genesis Specialist Center, Ikeja, Lagos

Address: No. 67 Oduduwa Crescent, Ikeja Government Residential Area, Lagos, Nigeria.

Genesis Specialist Center, Ikeja, Lagos is reffered to as the first U.S-styled private medical centre in Nigeria. It has a department dedicated to helping cancer patients live a comfortable and successful lifestyle, despite their condition. It has a team of oncologists and other specialists on the ground to offer assistance and care to cancer patients. 

Genesis Specialist Center offers several cancer treatment services, including Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, surgery, Autologous, etc. 

The specialist centre is quite successful in the care for cancer patients, and several positive testimonials have been left on their internet platform by these patients. 

The centre also partners with several bodies, both national and international, to help cancer patients in Nigeria. 

3.Healing Stripes Hospital, Lagos

Address: No. 6A/B, Prince Alaba Oniru Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Owned by The Redeemed Christian Church of God Healing Stripes Hospital, Victoria Island Lagos is a missionary healthcare centre. Healing stripes Hospital aims at providing healthcare services to ailing patients, including cancer patients at an affordable price. 

The centre has a department that specializes in providing treatment and care to cancer patients. Providing services ranging from diagnostic services, Chemotherapy, cancer screening, consultancy, etc. 

Healing Stripes Hospital operates as an affiliate of Redeemed Christian Church, Nigeria to provide discounted cancer screening services. 

4. Sterling Specialist Hospital, Port Harcourt

Address: No. 5 King Jaja Street, Borikiri, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 

Sterling Specialist Hospital is a private hospital, located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Sterling Specialist hospital has a cancer care department that provides quality healthcare to patients in Port Harcourt and beyond.

The hospital provides cancer treatment services, such as diagnostic services, cancer treatment, consultancy, etc. 

The Sterling Specialist Hospital also enjoys quite some success in its cancer care rates. It holds a secure place in the list of the top cancer centres in Nigeria.

Final Word

Cancer is best managed if discovered early. We have provided information on cancer symptoms to watch out for in this article and the best cancer centres in Nigeria for treatment and screening.

Do not hesitate to go for a check-up in any of these hospitals if you begin to notice any of these symptoms in your body. 

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