7 Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions in Nigeria

A MPOS or Mobile Point-of-sale is a framework to enlist installment exchanges and appropriate for organizations and enterprises that prefers installments in a hurry. Most mobile organizations like concert shows, food trucks use mobile Point-of-sale devices ranging from iPads, cell phones, tablets, and so forth to carry out financial transactions with attendees and customers. 

Mobile Point-of-sale systems are utilized as a substitution or together with conventional ePOS frameworks, also called online POS frameworks. This gadget can be an iPad POS framework, a cell phone, or a tablet. It can also stand in as a sales register, which is its fundamental capacity.

Mobile Point-of-sale frameworks utilized together with ePOS frameworks, which then broadens the convenience of the ePOS framework through the utilization of tablets or cell phones. In any case, a few organizations use Mobile Point-of-sale arrangements as exclusive sales registers, by having a cell phone and card reader that associates with an online platform to encourage transactions.

Independent companies use MPOS, as MPOS systems are cheaper to actualize. MPOS arrangements give the store adaptability, installment security, and exchange forms that are multiple times quicker. 

Top Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions in Nigeria

Here are some of the best mobile point-of-sale solutions in Nigeria:


PayPad is a mPoS arrangement, which is the first of its sort in Nigeria. It allows shippers to acknowledge card installments utilizing their tablets and telephones. 

Electronic Settlement Limited, the founders of web installment gateway, Cash Envoy, developed PayPad.

Creating an account on Paypad is free all you need is an internet-enabled device. One significant favorable position PayPad has over conventional POS, asides its ultra-versatile structure factor, is that it rides on your smart device’s network availability, be it EDGE, 3G, or 4G. 

Another bit of leeway for shippers is that PayPad additionally gives a chance to you to make additional money by selling broadcast appointments and tolerating charges such as DStv and PHCN installments.


iSellup is a mobile application for electronic transactions using a smartphone and a device that enables pin usage.

The iSellup installment application changes an advanced cell phone and tablet on any mobile operating system into a secure installment gadget. At the same time, it smoothly interfaces with the SimplyPrint portable printer or some other printer through Bluetooth. 

Data communication between the devices is secure. Also, the application does not save any card information.


Payten offers a wide range of answers for traders to give the best online installment choices. In an internet-focused business industry, traders need to act quickly to secure and settle on virtual POS concurrences with various banks. These Electronic installment arrangements incorporate the virtual POS foundation of multiple banks and can likewise store cards.

Payten is a leading local supplier of complete installment industry arrangements for non-money related and monetary organizations, supporting card and cardless exchanges. Payten conveys hardware, programming, and methods, giving the most significant level of mastery and upkeep through the whole portfolio. 


SmartPesa is another mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution in Nigeria. Launched by Innovectives Instant Issuance Limited in the Nigerian market. SmartPesa mPoS enables an existing banking network to be portable, flexible, and extensible at a little cost. 

It provides a low-cost alternative to traditional PoS solutions. According to the SmartPesa team, it immediately provides all the benefits of a conventional Point-of-sale (POS) solution at less than 20% of the cost. The platform can also extend its functionality to include banking operations traditionally handled at branches and ATMs. These operations include balance inquiries, cheque deposits, and transfers at well less than 1% of the cost. Support costs are also significantly lower since the distribution of devices can be through retail stores, ordinary mail, or branch offices. Also, faulty hardware can get repaired immediately and replacements sourced locally.

5.  MPOS

MPOS is a mobile point-of-sale solution in Nigeria initiated by FCMB, and it works on Bluetooth-enabled cell phone gadgets. All you need do is download the MPOS App on the cell phone and launch it each time a shopper needs to perfect an exchange on the terminal. 

The PinPad (Chip reader) is associated with a cell phone using Bluetooth to process a transaction. Exchange sum, sort of exchange, and record type are caught on the cell phone while the Pinpad permits cardholder to embed his/her card and enter a PIN. 

You can monitor the status of the initiated transaction, either using a Bluetooth-enabled printer or an e-receipt sent to indicate messages.

MPOS utilizes the information on a cell phone along these lines offering superior system dependability in perspective on the ability to swing between networks. It is more convenient than standard POS terminals which makes it simpler to move about with 

When you pay with mobile Point-of-Sale in Nigeria, you have the alternative to print e-receipt for exchanges fulfilled on the terminal. At the same time, it records money or card exchange on the gadgets.

6. STORM     

STORM application, founded by NetPlusDotCom, works consistently with the mobile Point-of-sale device, and clients can make installments from the app itself.

Facilitating money assortment, STORM also allows tallying, and stores financial balance. A mPoS framework, merchants can also use STORM for installment payment. It empowers vendors to lessen client’s holding up time by allowing more appropriation focuses. This is notwithstanding its capacity to get all types of electronic payment. The dealer is likewise ready to electronically catch data of the clients for future showcasing and faithfulness drive.


Payswiff, formerly GoSwiff, is a mobile point-of-sale system invented to enhance the “Cashless Policy” activity. That is to encourage the use of cards for business and traders. The cashless policy is a way of empowering vendors in Africa’s biggest economy. Allowing them acknowledge card installments in a protected, straightforward manner, utilizing cell phones. For example; cell phones and tablets with card readers. 

The affirmation is the first for a universally perceived portable POS arrangement. It spreads both the Payswiff mobile Point-of-sales stage, being used already by more than 50 banks all-inclusive and Payswiff Pin Pad card reader, explicitly intended for intense cellular conditions.


The mobile point-of-sale solutions in Nigeria are gradually catching on. With low-cost hardware and software, business owners can start accepting payments via cards easily with minimal monthly fees.

As a business owner looking for the best electronic payment platforms in Nigeria, check out these merchant solution platforms in Nigeria.

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