Top 5 Apps Every Lagosian Should Have

Do you ever wonder what the top apps every Lagosian should have are? 

The most populated city in Nigeria, Lagos, is home to several employment and relaxation opportunities. This is why people often try to figure out the key tips for surviving in the big city of Lagos.

These apps will allow you to have smooth sailing while you are in Lagos, and they will also let you skip through most of the problems which Lagos can sometimes provide.

The reality is there’s often no modern-day guide for people who want to learn how to thrive in the big city. There are so many reasons why Lagos attracts people from all over Nigeria, including the nightlife, job opportunities, and room for growth.

In this guide, we will be listing the top apps every Lagosian should have based on their usefulness to daily living in the city of Lagos.

Top Apps Every Lagosian Should Have

Here are the top apps every Lagosian should have:

1. Google Maps

Google Maps has been in existence since 2005 and has been updated over and over again over the years. Staying in Lagos, you’ll get used to one fact of life in the city, traffic. People scramble daily to beat traffic and get to work on time, and gridlock can be very tedious. Surviving in Lagos can sometimes be an extreme sport when trying to dodge traffic. Enter Google Maps, which helps you navigate through the city by giving you information about traffic patterns, shorter routes, and navigating areas that you are not familiar with.

You can also use Google Maps to find fun places to hang out in Lagos mainland or island (because Lagos is a city with so many choices). Google maps also helps you share a location with your friends if you want to have a group outing. a

An essential app for you to use when you’re in Lagos, Google Maps saves you a whole lot of stress. Google Maps does not cost a dime to use and usually comes free with most Android devices. 

2. Uber/Bolt

Mobility is a critical issue in Lagos. It can sometimes be stressful trying to rack your head around the form of transportation to use in the city. Uber, the world-class mobility champion, started its operations in Lagos in 2014. According to reports by Vanguard Nigeria, Uber in 2018 had reached a peak of 267 000 monthly rides in Nigeria. T

Their competitor’s Bolt (initially Taxify) launched in 2016 two years after and has been in operation ever since. 

Using any of these apps to hail rides and get around Lagos has been the trend for a long while. The apps are quite easy to use and you can download them both from the App and Play stores. Rides on the apps cost as little as 500 Naira ($1.4) depending on the distance of your trip. Both services run until late in the night, so you can use them even in the wee hours of the day to get around. Never be stranded again!

3. PiggyVest/CowryWise

Money makes the world go round, and one way to keep your cash flowing is by saving and investing. There are two apps which are worth mentioning if you want to make anything of your finances, you will need to get either of them. PiggyVest was founded in 2016 and launched with its name being The service initially offered savings only options, but three years later, in 2019, it began offering investing options. CowryWise was founded one year after PiggyVest and has been in direct competition with the service ever since.

Both apps are available on the Play and App stores for downloads, and you will need a working bank account and BVN to sign up successfully. You can start saving with as low as 100 Naira ($0.2) and investing with as little as 10 000 Naira ($28.5). You should get a hold of your finances today because there is a lot of fun to be had in Lagos, and you can’t have fun without money.

4. Bank Apps

Banking has become an irrefutable force of economic life. The Nigerian banking industry has gone through several technological changes over the years, which have made it easier and more comfortable to conduct transactions over the internet. From older banks like First Bank and Zenith Bank to the newer and digital-only banks like Alat and Rubies, it is vital to have your bank app on your smartphone at all times. 

Spending money is inevitable, but it is always helpful to have an easy way to spend it. It is easier for you to make transactions using your bank than carrying cash all over the place. If you do not already use your bank app, you should consider getting it from either the Play or App Store.

5. Opay

Opay is a multipurpose app that began operation in Nigeria in 2018 after Opera acquired Paycom, a Nigerian payment company. The app is what can be termed a super app after similar apps that exist in China. With Opay, you can hail rides, order food, send money, take loans, and save money. The most important and frequently used service used on the platform is the bike hailing function. Lagos, which usually gets gridlocked and can be a pain to navigate. Bikes have become every Lagosians best friend, so they have become the most used feature on the super app. 

Opay has made it easier for Lagosians to move around, especially during periods of high levels of traffic congestion. This puts them at an advantage over car-hailing services, which usually get trapped in the traffic. Do not focus too much on the bike hailing aspect of the app, as other services could be lifesavers, including the food delivery option. Who doesn’t like food delivered directly to them?


Lagos could sometimes be challenging to live in, so if there is any way to make your life easier, we are sure you would love it. These apps we have listed will make your life easier.

If you do not already have them, you should get them now and watch how they transform your life. If you know anyone who might currently be experiencing any of the problems these apps can solve, you should share this article now! You could be saving a life!

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