10 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in Nigeria

The Nigerian fashion industry is a blossoming one, and the popular fashion magazines in Nigeria also contribute to improving it.

Fashion icons like Denola Grey, Genevive Nnaji, Noble Igwe and Toke Makinwa have all contribute to the Nigerian fashion scene in the last decade. Nigerians love fashion and are always on board the latest fashion trends, colours and style. To stay in the loop, one way to do so is by subscribing to fashion magazines, the only problem you might have is finding the right one.

This article contains a list of the most popular fashion magazines in Nigeria. The popularity of these magazines is ranked based on their social media following.

Most Popular Fashion Magazine in Nigeria

These are some of the most popular fashion magazines in Nigeria right now in no particular order:

1. Thisday Style Magazine

Thisday newspaper is a national newspaper in Nigeria, and its Sunday magazine Thisday Style sets the tone for fashion trends and styles. With over sixty thousand followers on Instagram, Thisday style holds a secure place amongst the most popular fashion magazines in Nigeria.

The Thisday Style magazine carries the latest fashion trends and news, keeping you updated on all ongoings in the fashion world. It also features health, beauty and relationship sections

 The magazine has an app which you can download on the Google Play Store to stay on top of all fashion trends and news.

Thisday style magazine has over sixty-two thousand followers on Instagram.

2. Zen Magazine

Zen magazine is another popular fashion magazine in Nigeria with frontiers beyond the Nation’s shores. The magazine carries information on all the latest fashion trends as well as interviews with fashion enthusiasts who have excelled in the Nigerian fashion industry.

With over sixty thousand followers on Instagram, Zen magazine caters to everyone who loves fashion remaining timeless since its creation in 2010.

Zen magazine also features interviews with top fashion models and icons in Nigeria.

3. Today’s Woman Magazine

Launched in 2007, Today’s Woman has remained another top-notch fashion magazine in Nigeria. The magazine carries fashion ideas and everything the modern woman needs. The magazine features sections on beauty, fitness, relationships and careers, providing information on all you need. TW also covers some of the latest events in the country, keeping you updated on these events as they occur.

TW magazine comes in prints and also has a digital version which you can order for monthly by making a request on their website. The magazine currently has over thirty thousand followers on Instagram.

4. Genevieve Magazine

At one point or another, you must have come across your favourite celebrity on the cover of Genevive magazine. Genevieve magazine is popular for its beautiful covers, and many Nigerian celebrities have been featured on the cover of the monthly issue. These celebrities include; Tiwa Savage, Kate Henshaw, Yvonne Nelson, Agbani Darego, to mention a few.

The magazine carries the latest fashion events and trends, exciting celebrity news, beauty and helpful tips as every fashion magazine should. The magazine has over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

5. Mode Men Magazine

Launched in 2006, Mode Men Magazine focuses on men fashion trends. The magazine targets the male audience and focuses on men fashion trends and styles. It also carries sections on sports, technology news, all of which the male audience would be interested in.

The Mode Men magazine is a must-read for anyone interested in male accessories and men’s fashion styles. The magazine’s website carries all the details you would need on male fashion.

6. Onobello

Ono Bello is a timeless fashion magazine that not only carries entertainment trends but also major fashion trends and styles. The magazine’s diary also covers fashion events in Nigeria and abroad, taking a look at some of the red carpet styles that stole the show.

The magazine highlight is the Ono’s diary where Ono Bello features her stylish outfits designed many top-class fashion brands in Nigeria. OnoBello remains a popular name in the Nigerian fashion industry, and top-class Nigerian fashion brands turn to them to reach their target audience.

OnoBello Media has an Instagram following off over thirteen thousand followers.

7. Pulse NG

Pulse Nigeria remains one of the most famous Nigerian blogs, and it is also very popular in the fashion world. With their primary focus on fashion, celebrity and lifestyle news, Pulse NG is rightly placed on our list of the most popular fashion magazines in Nigeria.

Pulse NG carries a lot of fashion trends in the global fashion industry. They also cover notable fashion event and carry top red carpet looks.

Pulse NG has amassed over a million followers on Instagram.

8. Guardian Life

The Guardian Life magazine is a subsidiary of Guardian Newspapers. The magazine is published in print on Sundays and is digitally uploaded every other day of the week. The Sunday magazine is known for its unique covers that often features top Nigerian celebrities.

The Guardian Life is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on fashion trends and events in the fashion industry, both in Nigeria and abroad. The magazine also features interviews with A-list celebrities and includes beauty, healthy and other lifestyle sections.

With over thirteen thousand followers on Instagram, The Guardian Life magazine is rightly placed on our list of the most popular fashion magazines in Nigeria.

9.  Bella Naija

If you’re into browsing through top wedding asoebi styles, then you must be familiar with Bella Naija. Bella Naija is a top lifestyle, fashion magazine website in Nigeria. The website is popular for carrying the latest in fashion style trends to keep readers updated on changes in the fashion world.

Bella Naija also carries interviews on red carpet looks for fashion events both at home and abroad. The Bella Naija Instagram account has amassed over a million followers.

10. Vanguard Allure

The Vanguard Allure magazine is the lifestyle magazine of Vanguard Newspaper. The magazine features the latest in fashion trends, and also covers notable fashion events in Nigeria.

The magazine’s cover features beauty and health sections which contain pieces every fashion enthusiast would be willing to read and learn.

The magazine also features interviews with top Nigerian celebrities and fashion icons in Nigeria. With over ten thousand followers on Instagram, Vanguard Allure is last but not least, on our list of the most popular fashion magazines in Nigeria.

Final Word

As a fashion enthusiast, you are always on the lookout for the latest news and style in the fashion world, and fashion magazines are where all of this information can be found.

In Nigeria today, there are top fashion magazines that set the trend for the Nigerian fashion industry, and this article contains the most popular of them.

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