Top 10 Nigerian Adverts Right Now

What are some of the top Nigerian adverts right now you might ask, this article contains all you need to know.

Adverts are vital tools for brand awareness used by many companies. Watching TV or scrolling through social media, we regularly come across adverts of some of our favourite brands and products. These adverts let us know when there is a sale on, or if improvements have been made to our favourite products, They also let us know why we should choose one brand over another.

Across the nation, manufacturers and service providers operate in a system where competition is of high intensity. Companies over the years have turned to advertisements to increase customer awareness of their products. These adverts are also highly competitive as each brand tries to ensure their adverts outrank those of their competitors.

Ensuring their products effectively stand out from that of their competitor, offering high-quality products and services alone to the public, won’t be enough. Companies, therefore, opt to efficiently communicate the benefits of their products and services to customers to attract their patronage using adverts. 

We have created a list of some of the top Nigerian adverts. To create this list, we would be considering the most recent Nigerian adverts and measuring the success of these video adverts on YouTube using the total views as the yardstick.

Top Nigerian Adverts Right Now

In no particular order and rank, we would be revealing some significant superb brands adverts that have kept viewers glued to their seats. Here are some of the top Nigerian adverts right now:

1. ‘Family Benefit Plan Plus’ by Leadway Assurance 

First on our list of the top Nigerian adverts right now is ‘Family Benefit Plan Plus’ by Leadway Assurance.

Leadway Assurance provided premium life insurance policies and pays benefits to named beneficiaries in the event of the loss of an insured life or death of the policyholder. 

The two minute and fifteen seconds, advert tells the story of a financially handicapped man who recently lost his father’s father-in-law and had nothing to organize a funeral ceremony. The man calls out to celebrities on social media. Still, all to no avail, he approached his family members, but they all responded defiantly to him. During this process of searching for help from anybody, he came across the Leadway Family Benefits Plan Plus (FBPP) which relives him the stress of giving his father-in-law a befitting burial. With FBPP, he was able to carry out his Father-in-Law’s funeral without any hitch. 

With this advert, Leadway Assurance explains to Nigerians the importance of insurance coverage in circumstances that could help take charge of personal finance. Since its debut in March 2019, the advert garnered about three hundred thousand views on YouTube. Since then, many Nigerians have learnt about the plan due to the hilarious advert. 

2. ‘4G-Blender’ by Airtel 

Airtel is well known for its popular adverts in recent times, and the favourite of many Nigerians remains The Airtel 4G Blender advert.

The Airtel 4G Blender advert took it up a notch by inviting its audience to a relatable kitchen rivalry experience between two mothers who just got acquainted through their children’s marriage. They intended to pass a message which is ‘3G is good, but 4G is better’. With this funny advert, the company informs its loyalists and prospective customers that while the 3G network may be working for them, 4G is better. 

The one minute advert shows two mothers of a newly wedded couple in the kitchen trying to prepare a meal. The bride’s mother sticks to using the traditional way of grinding things, but the groom’s mother prefers using the electronic blender. The groom’s mother then tries explaining to the other mother that though the traditional way might be okay, the electronic use is faster, reliable, and more efficient. 

The advert, since its release in January 2019, has gathered over two million views on YouTube. This broad view is also because airtel is a brand that has mastered the art of marketing communication. 

3. ‘Zero Account Opening Requirement’ by Zenith Bank 

We wouldn’t be wrong by concluding that using A-list stars in brand averts improves the visibility of such adverts.

Zenith Bank in July 2019 took a decisive step to make ‘Emma oh ma God’ champion the Zero Account Opening Requirement advert. Thanks to his popularity as one of Nigeria’s funniest comedians, the advert has gathered over a million views on YouTube. 

The two-minute advert passes a message that by simply dialling *966*0#, anyone across the nation could open a zero balance bank account. This makes it easier to open a bank account, skipping the stress of queuing in the bank. Instead, you can bypass this stress and open a Zenith Bank account using your phone at your own time and from anywhere in the country.

4. ‘Signature Jollof’ by Nestle 

Nestle Nigeria PLC remains one of the famous food and beverage brands in Nigeria. Relating to adverts, Nestle presents to the nation creative advertisements, especially when their Maggi brand is involved. 

The Signature Jollof advert by Nestle is a short one that introduces to the viewer their new powder seasoning and its nutrients. The seasoning is available in three flavour variants; Jollof, Miya and Pottage. They contain natural or organic ingredients, with minimal processing, the seasoning spices up meals mainly when used in preparing Jollof. 

The advert comes with a soothing song of about 45 seconds and since its release in June 2019 gathered over seven hundred thousand views on YouTube. 

5. ‘Vex Money’ by Stanbic IBTC

VEX money is a commercial campaign initiated by Stanbic IBTC Bank to provide a comfortable, safe and reliable way to send money, and make payments without being stranded. This is done using a Stanbic card regardless of wherever you might be, even when your present location is far from the bank. 

The one-minute advert video shows a girl out on a date with a prospective lover in a very fancy restaurant. The restaurant’s meal on the menu list all appear delicious and expensive. During the course of their conversation, the guy tells her that she will be heading straight home with him after he pays for the meal. Hearing this, the female character gets angry, not only can she afford to pay for the meal, but she also has her Stanbic IBTC card. She draws her Stanbic IBTC card out of her purse, pays for the expensive meal, and walks out. 

This hilarious video was widely accepted by people in the country. Since its release in May 2019, it has gathered over a million views on YouTube. 

6. ‘Seize the moment with your UBA Cards’ by UBA 

The United Bank of Africa hardly disappoints in creating efficient advertisements.

The one minute advert explains the reason everyone must have a UBA card. The Bank tries telling through the video that having a UBA card makes things easier for you; you acquire goods without stress with the availability of the card with you. 

The advert gathered about two hundred and eighty thousand views on YouTube since its release in August 2019 and has so far fulfilled its purpose of getting people to bank with UBA and use UBA cards. 

7. Axa Mansard ‘Stay in the picture’

Next on our list of the top Nigerian adverts right now is Axa Mansard ‘Stay in the picture’.     

The ‘Stay in the Picture’ advert is a one minute video that highlights the importance of having a life insurance policy. It seeks to enlighten the average Nigerian on the importance of a life insurance policy during their lifetime.

The policy is an initiative by Axa Mansard, an insurance agency that offers benefits including; free healthcare, cashback, loyalty bonus, and permanent disability cover. In April 2019, Axa Mansard brilliantly adopted an exciting, emotional yet light-hearted advert on YouTube to depict their ideas on the policy. 

The video so far has gathered over two hundred and thirty-nine thousand views on YouTube. 

8. Access Bank ‘More than a tag’

Access Bank used this advert to make it known that low-income earners can live a more valuable life using their services. 

The one minute advert by Access Bank seeks to uplift low-income earners who take a massive number in the customers that patronize the bank.

In the ad, the bank portrays a wide range of low-income earners, such as a petty trader, a physically-challenged girl, a bus driver, and others, explaining to them that their actual worth is more than what people see. The Bank shows excellent care to these set of people and believes that they could be more in the future.

Since releasing it in April 2019, the video has hit about seven hundred thousand views on YouTube, and the bank recorded a high number of customers increment as a result of the creative video. 

9. ‘This is Showmax’ by Showmax Nigeria 

Finally on our list of the top Nigerian adverts right now is ‘This is Showmax’ by Showmax Nigeria.

Showmax Nigeria is a site that offers people to see movies just like the familiar Netflix. As the company is just getting prominent in the nation, they needed to go all out on advertising their services to the public. 

The one minute advert displays Dwayne Johnson in the advert that got people interested in the advert. This factor mainly made it get almost two million views on YouTube. The site offers hundreds of Nollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Movies, Series, Sports (BETA), Kids movies (Cartoon), and much more. 

Released in June 2019, the advert currently has over 1.9 million views.

10. There is More Within #TurnItUp by MTN

The advert is all about encouraging Nigerian youth no to get weighed down in pursuing their dream. Explaining that the talent, passion, idea or a new perspective that will change the world, is already inside you

The advert tells us of a young boy who lives with his father in a little village that does a lot of masquerade festivals. The young boy follows his father to work to help him in doing some of the arduous tasks. He always had the dream to create something fascinating. So every night after he comes back from work, he sits down with his equipment and studies to get his dream fulfilled. On a special night, he leaves home, and upon returning, he came back with a robotic masquerade controlled with his phone. The whole village kept on cheering him, making his father proud of him. 

Mtn tries telling the public that being a part of the Y’ello family, the magic of change and positivity burst out of you and affects the whole world positively. Since its debut about a week ago, the video has over two million views on YouTube.


As it is practically impossible for a product to receive widespread recognition in the nation without advertisements. It is common knowledge that videos capture more interest over text.

This is why brands opt to use TV adverts and YouTube videos to gain popular engagements and usage of the product.

We have listed the top Nigerian adverts right now in this piece. Are there other adverts that caught your eye, and not included in the article? Leave us a comment in the comment section. 

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