Top 7 Wealthiest Families in Nigeria

When it comes to money, there are families that are often ranked among the top wealthiest families in Nigeria. Some families are so wealthy, hearing their net worth would leave you speechless especially if you can only imagine having such money through loans.

In Nigeria today, there are families estimated to be worth millions of dollars, and this is no news. These families have gained their place as the top wealthiest families in Nigeria through their investments in trade, oil, and political power. 

We recognise that familial wealth is a different ball game as we can only imagine the connections and favours members of such families enjoy. Which also leaves us wondering who the wealthiest families in Nigeria are.

Without clear public records, it would be quite challenging to create an accurate list of the top wealthiest families in Nigeria. As a guide, we have restricted our list to families who made their fortunes through business or political power. We would be presenting the fortunes in ranges as they often change daily with the changes in the business market.

Top Wealthiest Families in Nigeria

Here are the top wealthiest families in Nigeria in no particular order:

1. The Briggs Family 

From the oil-rich Niger Delta region, the Briggs family remains one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the area and the nation at large. The family’s patriarch late Chief O.B Lulu-Briggs owned the private oil and gas production company “Moni Pulo Limited” with an estimated net worth of $1.1billion.

The company currently has oil blocks in Ondo state, Abia and Akwa-Ibom state. Its flagship project, OML 114, produces an estimated10,000 barrels per day.

He funds the O.B Lulu Briggs Foundation, alongside his wife Mrs Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs which provides humanitarian services to rural communities.

2. The Otedola Family

You might have heard of the Otedola family, especially their kids Cuppy and Temi Otdola who are no strangers in the entertainment and fashion industry, respectively. 

Femi Otedola, the family’s patriarch is the Chairman and Cheif Executive Officer of Forte Oil, a leading petroleum company in Nigeria. With a net worth of $300 million, Otedola has pushed his family into the list of the top wealthiest families in Nigeria.

3. The Tinubu Family

The “Tinubu” name commands respect in many circles in Lagos with Bola Ahmed Tinubu often referred to as the “Political Godfather.”

With a long family line of wealthy individuals, the family has grown to be one of the most powerful in Nigeria. The grandmother, Chief Abibatu Mogaji was a wealthy Lagos trader and businesswoman as well as one of the most influential community leaders.

The family’s patriarch Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos, started as an executive at Mobil before going into politics. With an estimated net worth of over $30billion, Tinubu holds investments in several firms and real estate in Lagos. 

Popular referred to as “Jagaban,” Tinubu is one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria and has gone on to create a dynasty of his own.

4. The Dantata-Dangote Family

Aliko Dangote has made a mark for himself, ranked by Forbes at the richest black man alive. The Dangote family wealth is a long generational wealth that starts with Chief Al-Hassan Dantata Northern Nigerian trader in kola nuts and ground nuts and distributor of European goods. Dantata amassed wealth supplying raw materials to British trading companies. 

Since then, his family has continued to gather more wealth trading. More recently his grandson, Aliko Dangote gathered a fortune trading in agricultural commodities. Founder and CEO of Dangote Group which includes a sugar refinery, cement producing factory as well as other agricultural products, Dangote earned himself a place on the list of billionaires globally. With an estimated net worth of $10billion, the family’s patriarch has catapulted his family into wealth.

5. The Saraki Family

The Saraki family, just like the Tinubu family, also commands respect in circles in Nigeria. Well known for wielding political power, the Saraki family remains one of the wealthiest families in Nigeria. 

Olusola Saraki was a former senator in Nigeria’s Second Republic. His son Bukola Saraki served as governor of Kwara for two terms before becoming senator representing Kwara Central Senatorial District. Olubukola Saraki was appointed Waziri of Ilorin (Prime Minister of Ilorin). His sister Gbemisola Saraki currently serves as Minister of State Transportation. 

The Saraki family wealth is kept under wraps owing to their role in Nigerian politics. In 2018 however, Olubukola Saraki was estimated to have a net worth of $12million.

6. The Ibru Family

From the small town of Agbarha-Otor, near Ughelli in Delta State. The family’s original patriarch was Chief Peter Epere Ibru. His son Michael Ibru founded the Ibru Organisation as an umbrella to manage the family’s investments.

Ibru started with frozen fish distribution and from there diverted into brewing, construction, petroleum, agriculture, and industry. The family’s wealth is built on several businesses. They owned the now-defunct Oceanic Bank and Aero Contractors.

The Ibrus own  Guardian Newspapers, Federal Palace Hotel, and Michael and Cecilia Ibru University with real estate investments globally.

7. The Adeleke Family

After star artiste, Davido and his cousin Sina-Rambo came into the spotlight in 2012; they also pushed their family to the limelight. Proud members of the Adeleke family, Davido and Shina-Rambo do not fail to mention their family in any of their songs. 

The Adeleke Family is built around three siblings; Adedeji, Ademola and Isiaka Adeleke.

Adedeji Adeleke is the organiser and Chief Executive of Pacific Holdings Limited which has interests in land, banking, transport and oil. He is additionally the founder of Adeleke University, a private tertiary foundation in Ede, Ondo State. His net worth is estimated to be about $700 million.

Ademola Adeleke is famous for his fun-loving, jovial character which has earned him the nickname the”dancing senator.” Ademola Adeleke served as a Senator representing Osun-West Senatorial District until June 2019 after which he ran for Governor of Osun State but lost.

Some of the family’s youths have made great strides in music. David Adeleke is one of the most popular Nigerian artistes globally. Bayo and Sina, his cousins, also top-rated performers in Nigeria.


Whether it is politics, real estate or business, a couple of Nigerians are doing exceedingly well for themselves. Their wealth has, in turn, pushed their family into wealth and affluence. 

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