8 Top Payment Processor Merchants in Nigeria

Customers worldwide are always on the lookout for more comfortable and safer ways to digitally conduct business operations. In the past, consumers went through a lot of stress in making payments for products. This has, however, become a thing of the past.

The current consumer culture requires businesses to make the process of making and receiving payments as easy as possible. This is what is payment processors merchants have done.

Consumers may find it demanding to visit stores, banks, and other places before they could carry out their transactions. There is also the fear of insecurity which has led to a lot of people adopting the cashless policy. Yet, people have to make and receive payments; we must pay our utility bills, international transactions are also crucial to some businesses. 

These reasons explain why the top payment processor merchants in Nigeria, otherwise known as the payment gateways, have become popular, especially among those who live in the urban centres. 

Payment processors are now popular in Nigeria and, a lot of merchants have gone into the business to provide payment solutions to the people. As it is with every other industry, there are clear leaders that you can trust to facilitate your payments (both incoming and outgoing) without any fear. We have come up with the list of the top payment processors in Nigeria using positive customer reviews these top payment processors in Nigeria have on their websites.

Top Payment Processor Merchants in Nigeria

Let’s jump right into considering the top payment processor merchants in Nigeria:

1. Paystack

Paystack has grown to become arguably the fastest and most trusted payment processor merchant in Nigeria. One of the things that work for this platform is the ease of use it offers. 

You don’t need to go through layers of instructions to make and receive payments through Paystack. All you need do is input your card details on the platform, and complete your transactions in record time. 

This platform accepts all kind of local cards approved by the Nigerian Banks, including Master and Verve cards.

Paystack also allows you to pay through your bank online from their platform. You only have to enter your bank account details and select the bank. 

After doing this, you would receive a One-Time Password (OTP) to your registered phone number, which allows you to complete the transaction.

Recent improvements to the payment platform has since then launched a USSD functionality for GT Bank users on the popular *737# framework.

2. InterswitchWebpay

For many years, InterswitchWebpay was the standard for making online payments in Nigeria. The truth is, a lot of the millennials grew up to know Interswitch as the ultimate payment processor platform. It is still very relevant today as one of the top payment processor merchants in Nigeria. 

It is suitable for both local and international transfers, and it accepts both Mastercard and Verve. Usually, Interswitch always asks for a One-Time Password (OTP) from your bank to get deals over the line. This process ensures the security of your account.

3. Flutterwave

Flutterwave is a platform designed to help you make both local and international payments through an efficient and secure portal. This platform is relatively easy to use. Many SMEs and large business corporations in Nigeria have found them reliable to help receive payments from local and international customers. 

The platform accepts basically all cards that are in use in Nigeria, and it is one of the most secure and reliable options you can think of in terms of payment processing in Nigeria.

4. eTranzact

eTranzact is your plug for making all types of online payments in Nigeria without any hassles. The platform has been around for quite some time.

The company was founded in 2003 and currently has operations in South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ivory Coast and the United Kingdom.

Across many quarters, eTranzact is a reliable and efficient platform to make payments. eTranzact is committed to providing flexible solutions that enable global payments through seamless transaction experiences.

This platform also enables you to make international transactions, and it accepts all kinds of cards, including MastercardVerve, and VISA.

5. VoguePay

With this platform, you have a secure, fast and easy channel of making online payment both locally and internationally. Regardless of what kind of sector you are in, VoguePay would make the transfer and receipts of payments straight to the point and reliable. 

You can easily transfer and receive international currencies through this platform, and their portal accepts virtually all kinds of credit cards you can think of in Nigeria.

6. Secapay

Secapay provides you with the platform to make instant transfer and receipt of bills in Nigeria. Holding its place as one of the top payment processor merchants in Nigeria because of its ease of use and efficient service delivery Secapay is next on our list. 

This platform accepts all forms of cards, including, VISA, Mastercard, Verve, Interswitch and a lot more. The platform doesn’t just conduct local transactions, it provides the platform to make international payments and receipts as well. 

With Secapay, merchants have a lifetime USSD code for their transactions for free. No need to worry about Internet connectivity on POS machines or subscription costs anymore.

7. Payant

Payant came at a point when the people were clamouring for a platform that could serve as the hub for making all kinds of payments, and it did deliver effectively. With Payant, all sorts of bills, ranging from utility, service charges, merchant fees, online vendors, to mention but a few can be paid through the platform in real-time to the delight of the customers.

Payant is an easy way for smart businesses in Nigeria to receive payments. The Payant team has employed the highest level of data encryption built-in with tools to protect against fraud.

8. CashEnvoy

When you need to make and receive online payments within Nigeria and overseas, there is only one envoy you should send, CashEnvoy. This platform provides a comprehensive payment solution for all kinds of online transactions in Nigeria. 

With this platform, you can also facilitate the transfer and receipts of international payments without any fuss. CashEnvoy accepts all cards issued by Nigerian banks including; VISA, MasterCard, Verve, and other cards.


In an era when online payments have become the order of the day, no one can afford to be left behind when it comes to making payments quickly and securely. To carry out your transactions without fuss in Nigeria, choose any of the payment processor merchants we have listed above, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with them.

These merchants offer consumers the ease of doing transactions, and they also help small businesses to make sales in real-time. There are some entrepreneurs without physical office locations that still end up making a lot of sales through these platforms. The most important thing is, these payment platforms are safe and secure, and they enable you to save a lot of productive time due to their ease of use.

For merchants looking to know the best mobile point-of-sale platforms in Nigeria, we have got you covered.

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